Sensores Intraorales

CDR Inalámbrico/SDX Software - Guía de Instalación

Describe la instalación del software, uso de la utilidad para test y actualización de Interfaz USB, actualización del Sensor y Receiver, prueba de ambiente de RF, monitoreo del Sensor, e información adicional de referencia.

CDR Inalámbrico/SDX Software - Guía de Usuario
Descripción general del Sensor y Sistema, configuracíon, utilidad, intercambiado de sensores, descripción de indicadores LED, e información adicional de referencia.
CDR USB Remote HS - Guía de Usuario
Explica cómo instalar y operar el Remote HS, incluyendo conecciones del cable e instalación del software, indicadores LED, uso de la utilidad Remote HS, mantenimiento prventivo y de limpieza, así como problemas comunes.
Cleaning and Disinfecting Sensors

Protective Measures

IMPORTANT! Be sure to disconnect the CDR Sensor from the CDR Remote Module and the USB cable before performing any cleaning procedures.

The CDR Sensor should be thoroughly cleaned after each use. The following cleaning and disinfection recommendations are intended to accomplish intermediate-level disinfection and will prepare the product to be safely used and reused during its life.

The CDR Remote Module is not intended to be moved or to come in contact with a patient during clinical use. If the Interface Module becomes soiled or comes into contact with a patient, it should be cleaned following the same protocol as the CDR Sensor.

Sensor positioning accessories, such as aiming rings, arms, and holders, should be cleaned and disinfected following manufacturer’s instructions. If you are using the Rinn holder system, refer to their product documentation or their website for more information.

Schick’s disposable tabs and holders are single–use only, as are the hygenic barriers (sheaths) that are used with them.

Recommended Disinfectant

The following surface disinfectant has been found to be effective in achieving a desired level of disinfection and is available from Patterson Dental and other suppliers.

  • Cavi-Wipes (Metrex Research, Kerr) or equivalent

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • For CDR PlusWire sensors, the cable should remain attached to  the sensor.
  • For CDR Wireless sensors, the battery pack should be removed from the sensor and cleaned, following the same steps as the sensor. Exercise care when cleaning around the battery contacts to avoid damaging them.

In a clinical use environment, the health care provider should wear protective disposable gloves and cover the CDR Sensor with a hygienic barrier. Before using the CDR Sensor the first time, and before every new patient, the following protocol is recommended:

  1. Remove and discard all protective hygienic barriers and / or sheaths from the Sensor prior to removing disposable gloves.

  2. Place the Sensor on a tray covered by a disposable liner, or in a receptacle that can be thoroughly disinfected.

  3. Remove and discard gloves.

  4. Wash hands and put on a new pair of disposable gloves.

  5. Disconnect the Sensor from the Remote Module.

  6. If the Sensor or cable are visibly soiled (e.g., with blood or saliva), each should be cleaned with a soapy cloth or paper towel, and then dried with a clean lint-free cloth or paper towel.

  7. Thoroughly wipe the Sensor and cable (if applicable) with the disinfecting product recommended above. Do not expose the contacts of the sensor/remote module connection to liquid.

  8. Repeat step 7. When the Sensor has been wiped two times, continue with the following steps.

  9. Remove potential chemical build-up from the Sensor by wiping it with a sterile lap sponge saturated with de-ionized water.

  10. Use a sterile dry lap sponge to dry the Sensor or cable, as needed.

  11. Place the Sensor in a clean environment, ready for next use.

  12. Reconnect the Sensor.

  13. Remove and discard gloves.

Cuidados para el Sensor y el Cable

Información importante para manejo, limpieza y almacenamiento de sus sensores CDR.

Su Sensor CDR ha sido diseñado para ofrecerle las mejores radiografías disponibles. Ha sido cuidadosamente fabricado para funcionar de forma adecuada y ofrecerle un funcionamiento confiable durante su uso normal. Para ayudar a mantener su sensor en la mejor condición de trabajo, le damos algunas recomendaciones.



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